Three Pumpkin Crafts For Your Toddler

Here are three pumpkin crafts that are easy and fun to make with your children. Experiment with paper plates, recycled egg cartons, paint, paper, and pipe cleaners to make some holiday decorations for your home. Be creative & have fun! Fall crafts are great to do on the days when it’s a little too cold to play outside all day, or when you’re just looking for something to break up your routine!

Painted Paper Plate Pumpkin

This craft is an easy way to help your little one work on their fine motor skills and express their creativity! By using their hands to hold a paintbrush, marker, or just paint with their fingers, they are helping to build muscles and skills they will use their whole lives. Don’t forget- pumpkins are all kinds of colors and have all kinds of faces, let your little one be creative in how they paint or color their pumpkin!

  1. Paint the paper plate orange or another creative pumpkin color.
  2. Using black paint or marker, paint or draw the jack-o-lantern face.
  3. Use a green pipe cleaner for the stem and to hang up the painted jack-o-lantern as a decoration!

Cut & Paste Paper Plate Pumpkin 

Looking for another way to create a pumpkin with your little one? This cut and paste pumpkin will also help them work on their fine motor skills! If they are old enough, let them try cutting the the orange paper to work on their scissor skills. Or if they aren’t ready for scissors, you can let them just rip the paper into little pieces.

  1. Rip or cut orange paper into small squares for the pumpkin body. Paste to the plate.
  2. Cut black paper into eyes, nose and mouth for the face. Paste to the plate. Or, you can draw them on with a marker or crayon.
  3. Trace and cut out the outline of your child’s hand on green paper. If they are old enough, you can let them help you cut it out. Paste to the plate.
  4. Cut or tear a rectangle of brown paper for the stem. Paste to the plate.

Egg Carton Pumpkins

Dig into the recycle bin to make an Egg Carton Pumpkin! Turn it into a game and let your child help you find something to make into a pumpkin! Kids have such big imaginations you might be surprised what they come up. Once you are done decorating your recycled pumpkin, you can even hide little treats inside!

What You Need:

  • Egg carton or other container
  • Scissors
  • Orange & green paint
  • Black marker or crayon
  • Glue or tape

What You Do:

  1. Use scissors to cut out two egg cups per pumpkin, or cut your other recycled object into a pumpkin shape. Be careful of sharp edges!
  2. Paint the outside of each pumpkin with orange paint. Let dry.
  3. Use a black marker, draw a jack-o-lantern face.
  4. Cut a tip off the egg carton for a pumpkin stem or use a pipe cleaner.
  5. Paint the tip with green paint. Let dry.
  6. Use glue or tape to attach the two eggcups together.
  7. Use glue or tape to attach the stem to the top.
  8. You now have a fun recycled pumpkin that you can fill with fun treats!

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