Community Resources

There to support you in your parenting journey

Home Visiting Programs

How children grow, develop, and how to teach them

Family Support

Meeting and talking with other parents

Parenting support groups


Locating daycare/preschools

Paying for preschool or respite care

Respite Care

  • Rainbow House
    • free respite care for children ages birth to 18 years old

Financial Assistance

Support for necessities

Job training

Medical & Healthcare Needs

Doctor and dentist for family and child

  • Family Impact Center
    • Medzou- free primary healthcare to uninsured or those waiting for their coverage to begin
    • Tiger Pedatrics- vaccinations, sick vists, and well-child check-ups
  • Family Health Center
    • affordable healthcare and dental care
  • WIC
    • education, food, and health screenings for pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies up to age 5
  • MO Healthnet
    • Missouri’s medicaid program

Screening and support for delays and disabilities


Other Support

Summer/ Before and after school care


Domestic Violence Support

Community Resource Lists

Other lists of resources in the community

But wait! There's More!

Find information that's right for you and your family. Together, we can ensure all children are ready for school, ready for life.

Child Development

It can be challenging to know if your child is on track, and what signs to look for. Here you'll find information the latest child development along with helpful tips on supporting your child.

Play & Activities

For children, playing is learning, but coming up with new and exciting ways to challenging their rapidly growing brains can be exhausting. Here you'll find ideas and information about play.

Family Health & Safety

There is so much research and information on the internet, it can be hard to know what's accurate. Here, we've compiled helpful, up-to-date, family health and safety resources.

Reading With Children

Reading with children from birth help their brains develop and gives them skills they will use the rest of their lives. Here you'll find book ideas, tools on reading with your children, and more.

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