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There is a lot of information on how to best protect your family during this challenging time. Here are some resources to help answer questions we frequently hear

Safe Sleep

Studies have shown that infants sleep safest when parents follow the ABC’s of Safe Sleep (they are placed Alone, on their Backs, and in a Crib).

NICHD has research, common questions and concerns, and lots of other Safe Sleep resources.

If you need a safe place for your infant to sleep, call us today at 573-777-1815. We might be able to provide a safe crib for your child under the age of one. 

Baby Blues and More

Baby blues, Postpartum Depression, and other mood disorders related to pregnancy and postpartum are common, treatable, and nothing to be ashamed of. offers information, FAQ, and other useful links.

Download a list of local resources to support you with your health.

If you have other questions or concerns, contact your health physician. If you are feeling suicidal call 911 now. 

Tiny Habits to Reduce Stress: a few tips and tricks to help your mental health


Vaccines protect you, your child, and other from life threatening illnesses and diseases. Learn more information about immunizations and how you can protect your family. has information, recommendations, & common questions and concerns about vaccinations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The Center for Disease Control has a variety of resources for parents about vaccines.

Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is essential for babies and young children to grow healthy and strong, and remains a big part of a healthy lifestyle throughout the lifespan.

My Plate provides information, games, recipes, meal plans, and other tools for proper nutrition at every stage of development.

The Center for Disease Control offers helpful tips and information about breastfeeding, when to introduce foods, as well as mealtime routines and tricks.

Flu Prevention

Young children and pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu. Learn about the flu vaccine, signs & symptoms, and prevention for these populations.

The Center for Disease Control information about young children and the flu.

The Center for Disease Control information about pregnant women and the flu.

Staying Active

Creating an active lifestyle at an early age can develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Active play is important for a child’s growth and can bring families closer. has tons of ideas for being active as a family.

Caring for Kids provides information on why it’s so important and the appropriate amount of physical activity for each age.

But wait, there's more!

Find information that's right for you and your family. Together, we can ensure all children are ready for school, ready for life.

Community Resouces

Sorting through the many resources available to you can be challenging, here you'll find a list of helpful community resources related to the needs of families with young children.

Child Development

It can be challenging to know if your child is on track, and what signs to look for. Here you'll find information the latest child development along with helpful tips on supporting your child.

Play & Activities

For children, playing is learning, but coming up with new and exciting ways to challenging their rapidly growing brains can be exhausting. Here you'll find ideas and information about play.

Reading with Children

Reading with children from birth help their brains develop and gives them skills they will use the rest of their lives. Here you'll find book ideas, tools on reading with your children, and more.

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