Proven results for a better future

First Chance for Children is committed to creating opportunity, changing circumstances, and impacting life long outcomes for families. By measuring what families are achieving, we can determine how successfully we are in inspiring greatness and supporting growth for our next generation

More educated families

Knowledge of health & safety issues

In fiscal year 2019, 94% of families participating in home visitation reported increased knowledge of health and safety issues

Made progress on family goals

In fiscal year 2019, 100% of families in Baby U set and made progress on self-selected goals

Developmentally on track

Ages and Stages Screening

In fiscal year 2019, 78% of children in Baby U received the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE and were on track, or receiving supportive services for development

Informed on Child Development

In fiscal year 2019, 97% of families in Baby U reported programming made them feel more informed about child development

More resilient families

"Thank you so much for all of the help you've given me. Your encouragement really turned things around in our house, and you gave me the confidence I needed to raise Max the way I want to."
Baby U Family
Connection With Others

In fiscal year 2019, 59% of families reported utilizing the Lend and Learn to connect with other parents

Feelings of Confidence

In fiscal year 2019, 95% of families reported participating increased their feelings of confidence as a parent

Feelings of Effectiveness

In fiscal year 2019, 88% of families reported participating increased their feelings of effectiveness as a parent

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