Our first stay at home, play at home activity kit!

Activity kits now available for you to create, learn, and play at home!

We heard you tell us how challenging it is to navigate this new normal and to find things to do with your child day after day. First, we want to say- whatever you’re doing is enough. This hard, and you are doing your best. It is enough, and you are enough. 10 years from now, your child will remember the time they got to spend with you, and the things you did together. We know you’re stressed, and flooded with activities that can be helpful- but also send the message you should be doing more. We want to help you sort through all that stress and have some exciting news.

Our team has put together family activity kits with a month’s supply of NATURE activities! We hope this will make it easier for you to have a single place to go for fun, creative, ideas to do with your child.

If you have a printer at home, open the attachment here, print & you are set!

Many families do not have printers, so we are also making a limited number of the activity kits available through delivery. If you need the kit printed, reach out to us here, and we will arrange a time to deliver the items to you. If we run out of kits, you’ll be on the list for May.

What the nature activity kits include:

  • Selected “SPRING” nature lessons from the Missouri Dept of Conservation preschool curriculum — These lessons are written for a classroom teacher but can easily be used at home. Feel free to use only what is most interesting to you, in whatever order you choose. We chose nature activities that are playful and fun while also helping your children learn and explore the world around them.
  • April & May calendar of outdoor play
  • “SPRING” packet of storyboard characters, prop pieces, and matching puzzles. They can be cut out and used to play, tell stories, go along with lessons, and make collages and artwork.
  • Nature scavenger hunt game
  • Laminated CoMo Bingo nature walk game
  • Supplies: paper, crayons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, seed packet, bag of snacks, book

We would also like to remind you of other ways we can support you:

  • We would also like to remind you of other ways we can support you:
  • Personalized developmental info and learning activities for your child
  • One-time or ongoing parent coaching and support (listening, encouragement, trouble-shooting, handling our own emotions and stress)
  • Screenings on child development, postpartum depression, and family stress
  • Assistance with emergency supplies such as diapers & wipes and formula, and information about other local resources

We are working hard and as quickly as we can to assist families during this health crisis. Thank you for your patience, suggestions, and responses. Keep new ideas coming! We are creating posts about these nature activities and other opportunities to learn, connect, and play on our Lend and Learn Libraries facebook page. If you do not have facebook, contact us and we can email or text you the posts. Additionally, we are hard at work on a May kit that is focused on art, music, movement –stay tuned!

We know you are working hard, too, and doing your very best for your little one. You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. We’re here to back you up! No one can love, care, and help them grow the way you do. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

In closing, I miss seeing you in person and would love for you to share photos, family updates, and new skills your child is learning as often as you can! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Take care of your family and YOU!

Charity Quinn

PS. AND if that’s not enough, here are some websites I highly recommend:
Read Brightly has book recommendations and activities by age, including some wonderful printables by theme.

Zero to Three has play activities for every day of the year for babies & toddlers, plus parenting articles and a page for parents specifically on Coronavirus.

PBS Kids is offering daily emails with activities and articles. Their parent site has activity ideas to explore, especially if your kiddos like any particular shows or characters.
I like this article on explaining Coronavirus to kids.
And this article on parenting through the crisis.

If you would like to access more nature lessons, the entire preschool curriculum from the Missouri Department of Conservation can be found here.