Five Ways to Support First Chance for FREE during the Holidays

Here are five free ways to support First Chance and the families we serve! We know money can be tight during the holidays, especially this year. But you can still support First Chance for Children in ways that cost you nothing, but make a big difference for us!

Join the #FC4CUglySweater Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good Ugly Christmas Sweater?! First Chance for Children is hosting our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party virtually this year! Pull out your best and ugliest sweater and participate by posting a photo on social media and using the hashtag #fc4cUglySweater in your caption! Prove that your sweater is the best by challenging at least 5 friends to do the same. Bonus points for sharing the link to donate to our CoMoGives page or for making a donation yourself! 

Be social

Don’t own a Christmas Sweater? You can still help us spread the word about how First Chance supports families and children in need! A post on social media about why you support our programs can help in two ways. First, it helps families with young kids know about the resources available to them. First Chance has programs for families of all income levels, but you never know who may need a little extra help around the holidays- especially in these stressful times! Second, it helps us gain more supporters like you! Seeing a trusted friend share why they are passionate about a cause makes it more likely that your followers will read more about what makes FC4C awesome. 

Host a diaper drive

If you have kids, you know about diapers. But do you know about diaper need? Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or child clean, dry, and healthy and nearly 1 in 3 families in the US experience it (National Diaper Bank Network, 2020). First Chance supplied families in need with 2,895 packages of diapers last year, and the need this year has only increased due to financial stressors brought on by Covid 19. Hosting a diaper drive is easy- just ask your friends and family to pick up an extra package or two of diapers the next time they head to the store. We also accept donations of clean open packs of diapers- perfect for parents whose kids have outgrown a diaper size before they finished the pack. 

Spread the word

If you’re a part of any type of group (for example a book club, mom’s group, service club, church group, or even your workplace) First Chance for Children would love to speak with your group about the services that we provide for families. Just like sharing on social media speaking with groups in person (or via Zoom) helps us to connect to community members and increases awareness of our programs in the community. 

Volunteer your time

If you are interested in a more hands on approach to give back, FC4C has plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Need a one time volunteer project? Give us a hand by wrapping packages of diapers, assembling activity kits, helping out at a special event (once they start happening again!), and lots of other opportunities! If you’re searching for a longer term commitment, consider joining one of our committees, such as marketing, fundraising, or programs. 

Get started today!

First Chance for Children relies on the support from our community in order to do the work that we do. Whether you take a spare minute to share one of our posts or volunteer on a long term basis, we appreciate every single drop of support that we get. By helping us reach more potential supporters, volunteering your time, or even just posting a silly Ugly Sweater selfie, you can play a role in our vision to ensure that all children will arrive at kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed in school and life. Are you ready to do your part? Visit our website to learn more about what we do, like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and connect with us to explore options for volunteering your time and talents. Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community!