Children’s Health Month

The month of October is Children’s Health Month. One of our interns, Caitlyn W. has worked in child welfare for many years. She shares the following tips & info about how First Chance helps with child healthy & how you can too!

Health is not just physical health. Health also includes mental health and well-being. At First Chance we aim to make sure that children and their families are happy, healthy, and safe. Each of our programs help promote a safe environment for children and make sure they have the resources they need to stay healthy.

Our C.R.I.B.S. program helps promote a safe and healthy sleeping space for babies. It also allows for families to build a connection with someone through home visitation and to receive resources and education that promote caregiver and child well-being.

Baby Bags Diaper Bank helps make sure families are staying healthy through having appropriate resources such as diapers and education on child development.

In the Baby U program, we engage in home visits to help families through parenting and child development. This program provides resources, referrals, and education about well-being, child development, which then translates to the family having reduced stress, healthier environment, and stronger parenting skills.

Lastly, our Lend and Learn program helps build connections and provide a safe place for children to play and socialize, which can improve
the mental health of children and their caregivers. Building connections helps promote positive social connections, and building of social skills can help promote good mental health.

Starting good habits from infancy and childhood helps promote these habits as children get older and even into adulthood. Good habits to start in childhood are healthy eating, hygiene, and physical activity. Other ways to keep children healthy are making sure children get appropriate
vaccinations, go to annual doctor checkups, and seeking appropriate medical attention when necessary.

There are so many different pieces to health that are important! Starting to promote healthy ways of being can extend into adolescence, young adulthood, and beyond. In the end, we know parenting is hard. By doing your best you can help your child (and yourself!) have a healthier, happier life. Below are some resources to learn more about child health and activities you can do with your children: