Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Written by Kiana Hunter, BSW Student Intern

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year in the United States from mid-September to mid-October. It’s important that we celebrate the influence and achievements of Hispanic Americans in the United States with our children from an early age. To honor these achievements, we share family activities that teach your young child about Hispanic Heritage month in fun and creative ways!

Arts and Crafts Activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Here are 2 arts and crafts activities, a Sugar Skull Paper Puppet and a Puerto Rican Güiro, that you can make together with your child to celebrate and learn about Hispanic Heritage!

Sugar Skull Activity

Red Ted Art shares an arts and crafts activity to celebrate and introduce your child to a traditional Hispanic holiday called Day of the Dead. In this activity you and your family have the opportunity to create your own Day of the Dead sugar skull paper puppet. All you need is this printable template, cardstock, a hole punch, split pins, and some colorful markers to bring this skeleton to life. Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, is a holiday that originated in Mexico dedicated to celebrating and remembering your loved ones who passed away. 

Make the Sugar Skull Paper Puppet

Puerto Rican Güiro

The Güiro is a percussion instrument that is popular in the Puerto Rican community. The instrument is usually played during religious ceremonies and festivals. A traditional güiro is made from a hollowed-out gourd. This homemade project by Modern Mami is adapted to use a recycled plastic water bottle. To make your own güiro, you need an empty water bottle, paint, paintbrushes, a wooden dowel or pencil, and plastic cups. This DIY project is a great way to expose your child to different instruments and build their social skills.

Make the Puerto Rican Güiro

Songs about Hispanic Heritage Month

Pairing music and movement is a fun and memorable way to teach your child about Hispanic culture. To honor the influence of Latin and Hispanic Music this month, here are 2 songs to get you and your kiddos on your feet.

“Join the Celebración!” is an original song by Nickelodeon that celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month through icons, artists, and heroes like Frida Kahlo, Celia Cruz and more.

Hispanic Heritage Month Original Song by Nickelodeon “Join the Celebración!

You and your child can watch a music sing-along video by Sesame Street. Rosita sings the song “Sing After Me” with her friend Sofia in both English and Spanish words.

Hispanic Heritage Month Song by Sesame Street “Sing After Me

Books to read for Hispanic Heritage Month

Reading about important figures from the Hispanic culture through the use of picture books is a meaningful way to teach your child about Hispanic heritage. Reading to your child early and often promotes their growth. Here are 3 books to read during Hispanic Heritage Month!

Turning Pages: My Life Story by Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells her own story for young readers for the very first time! As the first Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor has inspired young people around the world to reach for their dreams. But what inspired her? For young Sonia, the answer was books!

La Catrina: Emotions/ Emociones by Patti Rodriguez

Inspired by one of the most recognized symbols of Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead), this book introduces little ones to emotional expressions and their first English and Spanish words―and teaches them to recognize feelings like emocionado (excited), triste (sad), and confiado (confident).

Pepe and the Parade by Tracey Kyle

Join Pepe as he celebrates his Mexican-American heritage by participating in a Hispanic Day parade. Children will delight in seeing many Hispanic cultures proudly honored in this joyous picture book. Pepe wakes up energized to attend his first Hispanic Day parade.

Hispanic Heritage Month story time read-aloud video of Pepe and the Parade

We hope you enjoy celebrating and learning about the achievements and influences of Hispanic people, history, and culture in America with your child in new and fun ways not only during Hispanic Heritage month, but all year long!