Supporter Spotlight: Chuck Bowman & Monarch Title Company

First Chance for Children couldn’t exist without those who support us through their time, talents, and treasure. One of those amazing people is Chuck Bowman. He has been with First Chance for just about 5 years, and recently we had a chance to talk to him about his involvement. We are so grateful for Chuck and all our other supporters. If you see Chuck, don’t miss the chance to say thank you!

What keeps you busy most days?

Owning and managing 4 offices in Missouri makes for a packed day, every day! In the evening, working out, reading, golfing, enjoying time with my wife, Pam, keeps me busy and happy with life!

How did you first get involved with First Chance for Children?

I had some involvement with FC4C in 2017 for a fundraiser and as I got to know more about their mission and the people they helped in the community, it fit my personal goals and our company culture to get involved so we could help people in our community that need us the most. Monarch Title, the company my wife, Pam and I own, decided to do a fundraiser for FC4C in 2017 by having a parking lot sale, my wonderful staff at Monarch Title gathered office and house hold goods to resale and then donated the funds to FC4C, this fundraiser went from a parking lot sale to the Bingo for Babies idea in 2018 and 2019,(we had to skip 2020 due to COVID) we raised $5,000 and $12,000 respectively, we are planning another fall Bingo for Babies in 2021.

How are you currently involved?

I serve on the board and have for two years, we are the title sponsor for the FC4C golf fundraiser (2021) and title sponsor for Bingo for Babies 2018-2021, in addition, any of our employees that donate through payroll deduction, the company matches their amount each month.

What do you like the most about First Chance?

FC4C provides essential supplies such as diapers, wipes, toiletries, cribs, etc. They offer wellbeing and development for children and families through their learning center providing parents the opportunity to interact with other parents and ask trained staff questions to assist in their child’s development. In addition their stay at home/play at home activity kits for parents to share with their children are an outstanding idea to get the child and parents together learning and having fun together as a family.

What do you wish people knew about the organization?

I want people to know that every dollar they donate to this organization goes to help families that are impoverished and truly need a helping hand. The reality is, that the families FC4C help, would not be able to afford the supplies provided, or have the resources available to teach their children at an early age without the experience and expertise of the staff on hand at FC4C.

If someone wants to get involved or know more, what’s the best way to get started?

People can give of their time by volunteering in numerous ways at the facility, one way is packaging diapers for delivery and pick-up. They can volunteer to raise funds or give on a personal level by going to the website, and making a commitment to donate some amount every month. If people in the community would give some amount per month it would go a long way in helping the FC4C provide additional supplies and care to people in the community that desperately need assistance.

Anything else you want to share?

It has been an honor to serve on the board and work with all the staff at FC4C, their passion and empathy for others is a most commendable trait and it takes a special person to work for a non-profit that gives 100% to helping others in need. I feel it is our responsibility, as community minded individuals, to give back both personally and professionally, of our time and money, to a wonderful organization that helps people that need us the most. The reality is, many of the people FC4C helps, work two jobs to make ends meet, they wouldn’t be able to afford the necessary supplies and learning materials without FC4C assistance. That is the number one reason we must, as blessed people living in this community, give back as much as we can. I would encourage both individuals and business owners to set up a monthly amount to give back to this wonderful organization.

Thank you!

Here at First Chance we are so grateful for all the ways Chuck and others have invested in our mission over the years! If you’re looking to give back- check out and curious about other strategies to make the biggest impact check out this article by local financial planner Danielle Harrison. Reach out to us anytime, we’re always ready to talk about how you can invest in our community’s future!