Supporter Spotlight: Aly Beaudoin

First Chance for Children couldn’t exist without those who support us through their time, talents, and treasure. One of those amazing people is Aly Beaudoin. She has been with First Chance for just about 10 years, and recently we had a chance to talk to her about her involvement. We are so grateful for Aly and all our other supporters. If you see Aly, don’t miss the chance to say thank you!

What keeps you busy most days?

For work and fun! My days are quite full and I am fortunate that they are full of things I love! I start my day with kittens, coffee and yoga while I listen to my family get ready for their day, in case this mama is needed. I work a full time job as the MU College of Engineering’s Grants and Contracts Administrator; I am very fortunate to be able to work from home. My work day consists of budgets, sponsor guidelines, proposal preparation in support of my faculty and so much more. The evenings and weekends are opportunities to fill my heart and soul with much needed self care. Family time, kayaking, hiking, cooking, crocheting, napping and, most recently, mushroom hunting are some of the things I find fun!

How did you first get involved with First Chance for Children?

My first taste of the goodness First Chance for Children has to offer was when my son, Phoenix, was 10 months old. I was a breastfeeding counselor for WIC when Jessie Starbuck, a Lend and Learn Parent Educator at that time, hosted a table in the WIC lobby to let parents know about FC4C programs. I was thrilled to learn of another place I could take my son during the day. I immediately started going to Lend and Learn and immediately started volunteering and doing anything and everything I could to support myself, the organization and, most importantly, other parents who also showed up at Lend and Learn. I was in love. Giving back was (and is) my way of saying “thank you”. I was also nourished and supported in a way that I didn’t know I needed at that time. I recognized later how critical FC4C was in my life during those early years.

How are you currently involved?

These days I say “thank you” by being an engaged board member, chairing the fundraising committee, volunteering, hosting my own fundraising events and bringing my children, Phoenix & Max, to volunteer. The boys also love volunteering for FC4C!

What do you like the most about First Chance?

What do I like most? From the very start, First Chance felt like another family to me. Everything I do for this organization is in support of the families we serve because all families are part of our community and deserve to be supported for the best possible outcomes and successes! I like that we support families in Mid-Missouri with critical basics and do so in collaboration with other amazing organizations.

What do you wish people knew about the organization?

I wish people really knew just how important we are to Mid-Missouri families and, in turn, to our greater community.

If someone wants to get involved or know more, what’s the best way to get started?

Jump in! Reach out! Like/Follow First Chance for Children and Lend and Learn Toy Library on facebook; share posts! Tell your friends! Host a diaper drive! Donate gently used books, toys, clothing! Donate your time, talents and/or treasures! Engage your business/org to join you in these efforts! Join the board of directors! Need ideas? Just ask!