First Chance program updates during Covid-19

During this challenging time, when we are all working to stay healthy and safe in our homes, we are working diligently to meet the needs of our clients and community.

Using safe social distancing practices, First Chance for Children is still doing our part to provide early childhood programs and family resources that foster healthy outcomes for children and families in mid-Missouri. Our primary vision remains that all children will arrive at school ready to learn and succeed in school and life. 

Baby U has shifted from an in-home visitation program to virtual visits. Our staff drop all needed supplies at our client’s homes and continue to connect through video and/or voice calls on a regular basis. 

Families that receive assistance through CRIBS Program (Community Resources, Infant Beds, and Support), are being sent videos on how to properly set up their cribs and follow up video/phone meetings for support and assistance. 

Caregivers who need emergency diapers and smart start kits are receiving front door delivery service and are able to take advantage of our monthly drive thru at the First Chance office. For our partner programs who deliver items to families in their programs, the agency schedules a time to pick up their items from our office and are met outside at a safe social distance to protect our everyone.

The Lend and Learn is continuing through social media and blog posts, along with Stay at Home, Play at Home activity kits. The kits include a full month of activities for families with children under the age of 5. Drive-through hours are being established where families can pick up these items, and check out other toys from the parking lot at the office.

These are a lot of changes! But why does this matter? Why are we finding new and innovative ways to continue to serve families? Because early childhood education programs like ours help set children up for lifelong success. Studies show positive early childhood experiences lead to kindergarten readiness, increased third grade reading scores, decreased teenage pregnancy and high school dropout rates, increased workforce participation and economic mobility, and decreased lifelong chronic health issues. 

All of these outcomes are exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is working tirelessly to continue to serve families in unique and meaningful ways. Even while social distancing, we continue to provide all of our programs so that no child has to be stuck in a dirty diaper, no parent has to wonder who they can turn to for advice, and no community member has to wonder if our next generation was supported with the right resources from the very start.

We hope that if you or someone you know needs support, you know you can turn to us.

What can you do? 

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