8 Fun Activities Using Chalk

These 8 chalk ideas will inspire your child, entire family, and maybe even the whole neighborhood to get creative outdoors with sidewalk chalk!

The fall weather is the perfect time to break out sidewalk chalk! You can create, draw, experiment, play, and connect with others using sidewalk chalk. Also, it’s a simple tool to engage your child in activities that build new skills in all areas of their development: gross motor (jumping balancing), fine motor (drawing, writing), language (using new words, describing), thinking (focus, following directions), and social-emotional (taking turns, kind messages).

child doing hopskotch drawn with chalk on a sidewalk

Chalk Obstacle Course

With chalk, you can create a sidewalk obstacle course! Think hopscotch, spirals, zigzags, loops, jumps, skips, hops, one foot, two feet, footprints, handprints, move sideways, backwards, balance line, stretch on two lines, and more!

Fun Notes, Drawings & Positive Messages

Share a fun note, drawing, or positive message on your sidewalk. Dedicate your message to a special person, group, business, your neighborhood or entire community!

Chalk Outlines

Outline a portrait of your body, a shape, or a shadow. Make an outline of a toy dino or dolly. Decorate and dress it up!


With chalk you can play all sorts of games like tic tac toe, bean bag target practice, draw measurements for a long jump game, or draw pretend stones & play “Don’t step in hot lava!”

Photo Background Scenery & Props

Draw scenery for a photo background or a photo prop! 

Scenery background ideas: fireworks, under sea, beach, outer space, bubbles.

Photo props ideas: weightlifting barbells, swings, balloons, crown, umbrella, wings, flower bouquet, birthday cake

Cars, Scooters & Wheels 

Draw a path, maze or tracks for a toy car, scooter or bicycle with chalk!

Chalk Mosaic

Tape off lines and fill in the middle!

Scavenger Hunt 

Create a scavenger hunt with chalk at home or for your whole neighborhood! You can organize your hunt around a theme and see how many chalk pictures the kids can find around the house or neighborhood. Theme ideas: Halloween, Fall (leaves/ apples/ acorns), alphabet letters, or come up with your own fun theme!

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