5 Ways to Support First Chance for Children this Holiday Season

Check your list…now check it twice. We know you have a lot to do this holiday season so we’re preparing you with five different ways to support the children and families in your community through First Chance for Children. Whether you have a generous budget or some extra time on your hands, our board member Bethany Schoengarth shares several ways we could use your support.

1. Donate during ComoGives.

ComoGives is an annual online fundraiser that supports 148 high-impact nonprofits in Columbia and Mid-Missouri. You can donate (a minimum of $10) from November 30th – December 31st, 2021. All money raised, minus credit card fees, which you can cover during your donation, go directly to the participating nonprofits.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 which supports families and strengthens their ability to raise healthy children. From providing a crib and diapers to parent education and group events, we help families to be ready for school, ready for life.

2. Volunteer!

Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community without opening your wallet! First Chance for Children works with partner agencies to provide diapers to families in Mid-Missouri. Because we’re a resource, we have diapers in stock that need to be divided up for convenient distribution to those agencies. Each pack of diapers needs to be packaged in a bag with a flyer and grouped by size. That’s where you can help us! Volunteer for about 45 minutes to help us wrap diapers. The best part is that you can bring your friends, family members, and even coworkers for a shared experience. 

PS – We’ve moved into a new space! Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to come check out our updated building.

3. Invite us to talk with your organization or share our content on social media

Caring for our community means spending time with our community! Our team is always excited to share the word about our mission. If you’d like to invite us to speak at your holiday party, team meeting, stakeholder update, or any other type of gathering, we would be more than delighted to visit. This also allows us to learn more about what needs you see in Mid-Missouri so we can better serve our families. 

On social media, when you see our posts, give us a share! Boost us on your stories, newsfeed, or anywhere else you like to stay connected. 

4. Host a diaper drive.

We’re in constant need of all diaper brands and sizes. One in three families in Missouri struggles to provide clean diapers for their baby (National Diaper Bank Network, 2020) and we’re a free resource to help reduce that struggle. Hosting a diaper drive at your business or home can be a fun way to support First Chance for Children this season. Here are some creative ways to host a drive:

  • Invite guests over for a holiday meal and ask for a package of diapers as their “ticket” for entry.
  • Offer a promotion or discount at your business to customers who bring in a package of diapers.
  • Plan a structure made of diapers such as an igloo or snowman and ask your community to donate the materials. Diaper boxes stack well and are very sturdy! Share progress photos as you build to encourage more donations to your goal.
  • Tap your neighborhood or Facebook group and divide them equally. Create a competition to see which half can gather the most diaper donations. Get creative on the prize and you might be surprised to see how motivated your neighbors can get!  

5. Donate instead of Christmas presents (we also have an amazon wishlist!)

Unsure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? How about making a donation to First Chance for Children in their honor? It’s a great way to share the love and make a really meaningful gift. Hoping for something more tangible? You can also pick something out from our Amazon wishlist and send that to us in their honor! 

No matter how you give this holiday season, First Chance for Children is grateful for your support and all the ways you make a difference for mid-Missouri families.