Overview of Programs

Baby Bags

•  First Chance for Children’s Baby Bag program provides families with the basic items they need to safely care for their newborn, as well as area resource information helpful to parents with young children.

Safe Cribs

•  First Chance for Children’s Safe Crib program provides a safe crib and the information qualifying families need to safely put their child to bed and deal with sleep related issues.

Lend & Learn Toy Libraries

•  Lend & Learn Toy Libraries (L&L) provide a safe location where young children and their parents can play with toys that explore all domains of development including social-emotional, cognitive, motor and language development.

Baby U

•  First Chance for Children’s home visitation program, Baby U, is designed to help families strengthen protective factors that help them handle raising children.

Read Play Hug

•  These television commercials were created as part of a public service campaign aimed at young mothers.

Participation in all of First Chance for Children's programming is voluntary.