Mission & Values

First Chance for Children's Mission, Vision, and Fundamental Values

Mission Statement

First Chance for Children provides early childhood programs and family resources to foster healthy outcomes for children and families in mid-Missouri.

Vision Statement

All children will arrive at school ready to learn and succeed in school and in life.

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Fundamental Values


  • to provide families with best practices and services to support and empower their growth
  • to partner with our community to provide wrap-around services and connect families
  • to demonstrate to our funders that we facilitate measurable improvements in wellbeing and development for children and families


  • on every level for the best interests of children and families too often left out and left behind


  • for the worth of all children, families, and communities, acknowledging that each person is the expert on their own experience and has a right to self determination


  • in all our interactions, especially when it applies to the diverse experiences of families in a challenging world

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